Our developers dig deep in numerous projects of Healthcare Sector from Doctor Client meeting and booking procedures. In case you are planning for an app in the healthcare industry, our developers can be of assistance. Our healthcare solutions help in designing holistic processes integrating hospitals, people and apparatus for better and enhanced efficiency, better the treatment process for patient satisfaction.

Education/ eLearning

At OceanaTech, we pride in developing school management applications, eLearning portals and numerous other eLearning website applications. We can be your friend whether you are seeking for updating an existing outdated school system or wish to get a fresh one integrated. A detailed discussion with our managers would help you get an idea regarding the implementation and our expertise in the education industry.


At OceanaTech, we hold expertise in offering a seamless experience to the retailers, right from the consultation to structuring the concept, from development to its successful implementation. To be at par with the ever changing consumer requirements, we proffer both mobile apps and B2B and B2C eCommerce web based applications.

Social Networking

We design and create apps for every platform whether it’s smartphone, desktop/laptop or smart TV. Steadfast towards delivering an enhanced ROI, our social application development solution would enhance your online presence, target a diverse audience, increase your business network and heighten your conversion rate.


Oceana Tech’s retail solutions offer a new age support to retailers for delivering and fulfilling their brand promise and commitment and function more effectively.


Our technology solutions help companies connect technology, enhance efficiencies and achieve complete visibility within enterprise functions. Enriched with expertise and knowledge in offering clients with latest services, assisting them with smooth transition from conventional approach towards modern and effective delivery approach, we aim at process enhancement.


Developing mobile and web technologies for gas and oil companies, we help them deliver vital information to their team irrespective of the place they are at. Our squad holds knowledge of modernizing conventional IT systems. Working towards creating value for the company, we at OceanaTech employ promising technologies like Big Data, Enterprise Mobility and lot more.

Travel & Hospitality

Our team aims at creating great user experience by enhancing efficiency via emerging technologies like Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, Mobility and more. We hold a catalogue of developing apps for travel and tourism industry integrating features like booking, navigation, room reservation, sightseeing to name a few.

Real Estate

Offering enterprise solutions for real estate portals, we design apps encompassing property information, agent login and management system together with mobile apps with search feature, virtual tour and photo or video upload. The mobile apps by OceanaTech assist agents and managers to showcase their property in devices.


We help multiple logistics partners come together on a common management platform resulting in trimmed expenses and lesser complexity. We are constantly evolving in our endeavor to enhance profitability and better operational effectiveness. We hold pride in serving numerous transport companies so far and help them realize growth.

Media & Entertainment

Our in-depth knowledge and expertise in the industry and mobile apps, subscription management to software development has helped us work with clients in intricate structures and manage their asset flow.

Software Development