Term, Renewals and Termination including the trial phase

1. Beginning

The terms and conditions are applicable from the date you register with us for any of the services or our web portal, till the date these terms and conditions are expired.

2. Representation

By employing OceanaTech services, products or the ingenious platform, you are seeking OceanaTech to act as your representative for performing a variety of tasks including research, analysis, design, creative, managing and updating listings and postings, reporting etc that may further involve employing a series of 3rd party resources.

3. Automatic Renewal Till you Seek Termination

Your services with OceanaTech will carry on in continuation till cancelled. Termination of the services you wish to cancel will take effect on the billing cycle beginning from the date you notify OceanaTech upon your request for cancellation. The request however, must be received in written.

4. Violation

If either of the parties in material violates the agreement at any given point, the other party may issue a notice to the breaching party setting out details of the alleged material violation and requiring the breaching party to offer a solution for the violation within 14 (fourteen) days. In case the breaching party fails to oblige the solution within the offered timeframe, the other party can automatically and immediately terminate this agreement via a written notice stating termination of agreement to the breaching party. Failure to pay by you as the client will be accounted upon as ‘material’.

5. Liquidation

If any party goes in liquidation, the other party can automatically and immediately terminate this agreement via a written notice to the party in liquidation.

6. OceanaTech Managed Campaign

Our Rights: In reference to any of our services, we may carry out one or more of the following at any given time:

(a). Ask you to revise or we may revise any segment of your content so that it meet the terms of our work standards or so that it meets our production specifications and other requisites;

(b). Establish the category(s) within which your content would come into becoming a part of our services;

(c). Settle upon the placement of your content within the categories together with the placement of third party advertisements or content that are part of those categories;

(d). Modify any aspect of your content do as to meet the requirements of Facebook, Google or any other third party platform.

(e). Decline to accept or publish, cancel or remove your content in case there is a failure to comply with this clause or agreement at any given time.

(f). Appoint any third party service provider to assist us with offering few or entire range of services to you provided we remain loyal to you entire time, and even though we will work towards contacting you well in advance, may be entitled to undertake the above mentioned aspects without any prior notice to you.


7. Price

The value of the services we offer would be stated in the package plan we provide. You will be believed to have accepted the services in case you have decided upon a particular package. You further agree upon paying us the price of the package on time. All prices and any other relevant fees would be in New Zealand Dollars and exclude GST unless we state otherwise. You must pay us all the applicable GST at the time of complete payment.

8. Variable Prices/ Third Party Pricing

Few services might include various pricing model. The third party involved for offering few services, might vary their prices and other prices in any form from time to time. We cannot control that and hence if a situation like this arises, we would be entitled to seek for all third party variations and you would agree to pay for these charges.

9. Suspension Request

you are entitled to seek that one or more services you are opting for may be suspended for a limited time frame and started without any additional fee. All these requests are subjected to our prior approval in writing which may or may not be provided. Even if we approve to this situation, you might still need to continue few payments for that service, which we would elaborate at that time. Suspension of any service would take effect 60 calendar days following the date of your next monthly invoice.

10. Payment

: The necessary payment mode or any other payment option would be decided upon in your sales order. If a particular service would seek an upfront payment model, you will be charged the entire amount for that particular service in advance. If a service calls for a subscription payment model, you would be charged in regular installments. Installments fare usually monthly (payable in advance), but sometimes other tenures are available as may be decided upon in the sales order. Subscription amounts are payable in advance for each period beginning from the day of the sales order being signed and further on the same date each month. The first payment is usually taken within 48 hours of the signing of sales order or due within 7 days of the invoice date, and we shall not be required to begin performing the services until the first advance payment has been received by us.

By opting for our services, you agree to accept our terms and conditions that are posted on our website www.oceanatech.nz. An interest of 5% will be charged on all accounts overdue. Entire cost incurred during the recovery of overdue accounts would be added to the balance of any outstanding debt including, but not limited to debt collection charges and legal fees. OceanaTech reserves the right to suspend all services until the client’s debts have been cleared.

11. Credit Information

You agree that we can use any information that you supply to us, to conduct any mandatory credit checks upon you or your business that have been offered by you with any agency. We also reserve the right to seek payment full in advance from the clients whom we feel does not meet our credit criteria, prior to offering any service.

12. Our Digital Products

Our digital products and other services will be owned by us or the third party licensors as the case may be at all times. At no time during or after the agreement ends will you attain any proprietary right to any of the items we own. You would simply attain a limited, non-exclusive license to use our digital products which we allow you to use as part of the service, within the scope, duration and projected use requirements as stated in the agreement or as otherwise communicated by us to you from time to time.

13. Third Party Intellectual Property

OceanaTech may offer information to you from third party sources in numerous digital formats. This includes images, logos, copy, design, links etc. Whatever third party is offered by OceanaTech, the property remains with the party.

14. Exclusions

We will not be liable to you in any way for any indirect or consequential loss, or any profit loss, loss of revenue or data or other significant content or any breach of contract by us because of an event or reason that is beyond our control. Any anticipated business growth forecast may be offered by us from time to time in a non-binding forecast only. You need to seek independent financial, tax, legal and other professional services advice in respect to your desired business goals, plans and projections.

15. Use of Third Parties

We may, as part of the services supply you with links to or data from third party suppliers. Although we take full responsibility of the measures to adopt ensuring the precision of such links and data, we are still not liable for any error, inaccuracy or omission.

16. Disputes

If either you or we have any issue or concern about the agreement of our business relationship, we agree to reasonably find a solution. Initiated with an email, we use all means to discuss or meet and try to resolve the issue amicably. This step must be taken prior to any legal action is taken y either of the parties.

18. Cancellation Fee

In case you cancel prior to your first marketing campaign cycle ends, there would be a $200 + GST Admin Fee charged from your account and is due on every 20th of a month following the invoice.


Including Google AdWords, Facebook Campaigns, Search Engine Optimization

Minimum Terms & Cancellation

You agree that you have sought Marketing services for at least number of minimum numbers of cycles set out in the order summary above. The Marketing Services will be continued to be offered after the minimum term until you cancel. Our each and every digital marketing campaign runs for a minimum of 3 months term. As mentioned in the Terms & Conditions, if you provide us a written notice regarding the termination of the marketing services at least 60 days prior to the expiration of minimum term, such a termination will take effect on the first complete cycle following the date of termination notice.